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We provide 6 types of work-


Join our Data Typing Team and make steady income and there is no limit to it, the system developed by us. You can earn upto Rs. 100/- per page based on quality & size.


This companies need people like you to advertise as it spreads about their products, helping them to generate sales. You can upto Rs. 10/- per add.


We give you the option of taking part in online surveys on the Internet. You are remunerated for your participation in our surveys. You"ll get upto Rs. 25/- per survey.


Please note that form filling jobs does not come with a particular form and data. As per company data processing, the form and data for form processing may be different. It’s like a different company has the different form to process. Some of form are 10 – 35 files. You'll get upto Rs.10/- per file.


As a data proofreader, you will get assignment to read through manuscripts and Websites to look for grammar and spelling errors.You"ll get upto Rs. 10/- per page.


Are you a Marketing or digital content writer yourself? Then we have stunning news for you – there’re a couple of clients who’re ready to pay well for your creative efforts as a copywriter! You"ll get upto Rs. 200/- per content writing.

Payout Methods:-
1.Bank Account- We have daily payout system. You will get your salary daily to your bank directly.
2.Mobile Wallet- Or you can choose mobile wallet option, salary will be credited daily to your mobile wallet.

If you have few hours a day which you can spent in front of your PC and execute small, time bound & Highly Payful tasks then you are at the right place. We recruit and hire flexible people who thrive on change and challenge, who are innovative and self-confident, and who seek immediate responsibility. We will pay you for your time. If you are FREE to Join, Yes, We also are FREE!

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